Venue Management

MW Events discovers and unlocks revenue potential within your lobbies, patios and common areas through events. We provide a unique combination of services to transform your non-income producing space in your facility into a valuable event revenue producing opportunity. We provide a turn-key service to identify, create, market, sell and operate your newly discovered income producing public areas. We not only generate revenue through events; but we drive publicity and buzz to leverage the exposure and recognition of your building or facility. Your next tenant is just one event away from signing a deal.

We offer to you an opportunity to create a source of revenue and exposure without dedicating internal sales, marketing and operations resources to market and manage. MW Events will engage our internal team and strategic partners to leverage your public areas to attract and promote event business. Through a blend of Web Site and Social Media Optimization, blog, tweet, traditional marketing and sales we will craft a winning strategy to bring to you event revenue and exposure.

MW Events will provide a comprehensive asset management program. This program begins with an interview of the stakeholders to determine asset expectations. Secondly a tactical or strategic consulting study will be performed. The results will be fully reviewed with stakeholders to create an operational, financial baseline and stretch objectives. MW Events will assume responsibility for the oversight of the day to day management of the real property and preserving the physical asset. We believe as your asset manager we are responsible to be a catalyst for positive change. We make positive things happen, creating value and solving problems.